If you can't train with me LIVE, then I will design a program online which will be tailor made especially to fit your fitness level and goals. You must pay up front via PayPal. I cannot accept checks or pay-you-later, I do not want to chase people for my pay... would you?  Plus that’s how I know you are serious and not playing games. My time is very limited so, no time wasters.


This plan is a super popular plan, I have everything mapped-out from training, diet and supplement (not drugs).  You can use this plan to bulk up or get ripped. It’s fail safe and has been used by me for 30 years of training both guys & girls for shows.  Especially natural bodybuilders. You get the plan plus one email to me answer all your question after receiving the plan. Instead of paying a guru for months of prep you get it all in one shot.  $195 for your whole map to success.

12-14 Week Contest Prep

(Naturals are my specialty, I competed and trained 23 years as a natty myself.) Juiceheads welcome too.  This program includes customized diet, training, supplement protocols and unlimited email contact. I track all of your workouts, diet, and supplementation so it takes out all of the guess work out of your whole prep. I will have you in the best shape of your life.  $950.

One time 30-Min Phone Consultation

Ask me all the questions you want and I will answer them 100% truth, no bullshit.  $100.

Weekly Phone conversations

Talk to me about anything pertaining bodybuilding, training, supplementation and working out.  30 min for $65 or 45 min $100

UNLIMITED MONTHLY COACHING – via Emails & One phone call a week if needed

Customized diet, supplement stacks, workout program, and questions answered immediate regarding the program. $135 per month.

Unlimited Off Season Program

This 3 month off season program includes a customized diet, training, and supplement protocols specialized for your goals. You will also have unlimited email contact to ask whatever questions that you may have during your 3 month period.  $450.

SKYPE with me

Evenings only - my time is very limited so no time wasters or XXX freaks. I will cut you off and block you.  30 min for $125, 45 min for $150 or 60 min for $200.

Train with me in person

If you live in the NYC/Tri-State/Westchester area, you can meet me here or I can come to you but if I travel that’s extra. My time is tight so some afternoons and mostly evenings. Email me directly, be blunt about what you are looking for from me and for prices.  My direct email:

Results are based upon your adherence to the program. All Sales Are Final.  No excuses accepted and no refunds will be given.

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